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last updated: October 9, 2023

as we have just started our business in August of 2022, our work is still rapidly growing!


here you will find examples of the merch we currently sell or are in the works, as well as some photos of our table displays.

currently we sell original apparel screen-printed by us, hand-sewn bags, enamel and acrylic pins, screen-printed & embroidered patches, charms, stickers, buttons, necklaces/chokers, and digital sketch commissions.

Conventions we've gone to and will go to—not including artists' markets:

  • Puchicon (NJ)

  • Anime USA (VA)

  • J-1 (NJ)

  • Zenkaikon (PA)

  • Philly Otaku (PA)

  • Kogaracon (NJ)

  • Thy Geekdom (PA)

  • AnimeNEXT (NJ)

  • Connecticon (CT)

  • Fan Expo Boston (MA)

  • Flame Con (NY)

  • Fandom Fest (NY)

  • Stellarcon (MD)

we screen print each shirt by hand!

PUNK pic.png

(totes are also screen printed by us)

gay cat cutout_edited.png
honey prev.png
candycorn prev.png

NOTE: not all products featured in the portfolio are listed under the online shop section. some products are either still in production or are yet to be released on the site for sale.


Table Setups


most recent setup

Connecticon 2023

AnimeNEXT 2023

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